The food

Our passion for innovation is evident on every plate.

BAM Bites

Our kitchen redefines bar food with bold dishes infused with spice and citrus to compliment our craft brews. The Modern Latin cuisine serves major flavor with a twist, expertly marrying heat with sweetness to create dynamic flavor profiles.

A Passion
for Pairings

Chef Jonathan Reyes has an unmatched scent and ability to pair flavors that leave you feeling shocked, a little confused, and wishing you’d ordered more. You won’t find yourself flipping through pages upon sticky pages to find something that interests you. Our simple, rotating menu puts a spin on casual cuisine, but has something for everyone. And our knowledgeable staff are always prepared to make a recommendation!

Beyond the Brews

While we’d love for you to enjoy our brews as much as we do, we know that beer isn’t for everyone. Our assortment of hand-crafted “mocktails” is likely to give even the biggest IPA-lover at your table a bad case of FOMO.