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Meet The Catalyst

The Überbrew Series is a relentless quest for the Superlative Pint experience — leading to our acclaim as Small Brewery of the Year and Brewer of the Year in 2016. With Director of Brewing, Mark Hastings, at the helm, Überbrew has garnered national recognition and achieved numerous accolades thanks to our Award-Winning lineup.

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Alpha Force

double black imperial ipa • Award-Winning

ABV 8.5%

This 7X Award-Winning dark and robust beer is brewed with seven hop additions, creating layers of richness. Citrus and stone fruit notes blend seamlessly with an earthy malt taste, leading to a velvety-smooth finish.

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white noise

wheat beer • Award-Winning

ABV 5.6%

Steadfast among radical trends of craft brewing, White Noise is our staple wheat beer. A timeless classic, it’s been around the block and back – and even won a few awards along the way.

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ABV 5%

Fresh and juicy, Pink Slip is brewed with more than 12 lbs of raspberries per barrel to yield a bold and fruity taste. A zesty hint of lime cuts through the big raspberry flavor offering a vibrant fusion of tart and sweet.

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Blue whale

golden ale • Award-Winning

ABV 4.2%

Smooth and drinkable, this silky cream ale is brewed with flaked barley, regional malts, and American hops. Its golden color and mild flavor make Blue Whale a year-round beer for whenever adventure calls.

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The Bruce

Scotch Ale • Award-Winning

ABV 6.9%

A rich and malty Scotch Ale, The Bruce earns the crown for full-body taste and flavor. Its robust notes of caramel and its creamy smooth finish make it a timeless, classic brew

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ipa lite

ABV 5.8%

Meet Groovis: the IPA Light crafted for adventure. From ridge lines to river days, this crushable brew packs full-on flavor perfect for apres-anything. Groovis turns up the volume – and the stoke level – for your most epic moments.

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fiesta oro

KEY LIME GOSÉ • Award-Winning

ABV 4%

Celebrate with a Treasure State state of mind, amigo — you’ve hit gold with this refreshing flavor fiesta. With a dash of Key Lime, coriander, and sea salt, our slightly-sour German gosé is reborn as a golden, Montana-style margarita.

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Irish Dry stout • Award-Winning

ABV 4.2%

A darkly delightful Irish Dry stout, Überstition entices with its enigmatic blend of roasted barley and subtle notes of chocolate. Tempting the palate with a rich, velvety flavor profile and smooth, dry finish, this sociable stout is made to be shared – inviting warm camaraderie with every sip.

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West Coast IPA

ABV 7%

Indulge in Amora, a West Coast-style IPA that dazzles with a perfect balance of lively hop aromas and delightful bitterness. Infused with pine notes and a refreshing citrus finish, it’s a heartfelt celebration of our hop passion, crafted to elevate every occasion.

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humulus insani

Imperial ipa • Award-Winning

ABV 8.5%

Brewed with seven hop additions, this craft beer mixes Chinook, Simcoe, and Citra for the ultimate flavor experience.