The brews

Our skilled brewers think outside the barrel. They’re constantly experimenting with different styles and flavors to create one-of-a-kind beers for our taproom and your living room.

41 Peaks

Rocky Mountain IPA

ABV. 7.1  IBU 65

Receiving its namesake from the tallest peaks in Montana, which happen to reside in the Beartooth Mountains on the outskirts of our hometown, 41 Peaks is high-altitude hoppiness at its summit. This Rocky Mountain IPA features plenty of green mountain goodness thanks to the handfuls of Cascade, Amarillo, and El Dorado hops our guys threw in the kettle. The result is a well-balanced, crushable brew with aromatic flavor and super smooth finish.


Fresh Hop IPA

ABV. 7.9  

Every adventurer loves breathing the cool mountain air as the sun’s rays erupt over rocky peaks. Well, consider it canned. We combined Crooked Yard Hops and Gallatin Valley Malt for a truly elevated taste. Inhale the aromas of a hard-earned hike and sip the dewdrops of a Montana morning.



ABV. 4.6 

A bold blend of orange zest, Kveik yeast, wheat malt, and Indian coriander, Radiant Aura features invigorating notes of citrus. Even after the long, dog days of summer have passed, this New World Witbier brings back the warmth of Montana’s Western sun with an energizing burst of refreshing flavor.

Lucent Bond

Krystal Weiss

ABV. 4.8 

This easy going wheat beer gets its bright color from our careful centrifugation process. Lemon zest and fresh grated ginger make Lucent Bond a bright, thirst quenching brew to be enjoyed from wherever your adventures take you.



ABV. 4.5

Brew gone rogue. A new American Pilsner, Zymopunk defies tradition to lead a new genre of radical craft beer with extreme flavor and max hop power for unprecedented aroma and taste.


Smoothie IPA
ABV. 5.9  IBU 57

When a blend of wild berries meets a fruit-forward fusion of Simcoe hops and vanilla – BAM! This smoothie IPA is the result. Slide down a Montana mountainside into a malt barley base enhanced with milk sugar and real fruit. Each silky sip is all berry without the hoppy bite.


Smoothie IPA

ABV. 6.5  IBU 35

A silky blend of exotic flavors, BamBreezē is one sip away from sandy shores. A malt barley base is mixed with lactose to give this Smoothie IPA a sweet and creamy finish, while fruity notes of pineapple, vanilla, and mango send your taste buds to the tropics.


Smoothie IPA

ABV. 5.5  IBU 35

Sit back, relax, and sip into the sunshine with this peachy keen smoothie IPA. Peach nectar, apricot, and mango infused with lactose and vanilla is the perfect recipe for worry free, year-round drinkability. Cashmere, Lotus and Rakau hops add a touch of tangy tartness to this silky sweet ale that’s positively beaming with sunrise-on-the-front-porch vibes.


Vienna Lager

ABV. 4.8  IBU 15

This Vienna Lager leads the pack with a rich and malty flavor and velvety smooth finish. Crafted to be a social instigator, this brew brings together friends, both old and new, for a good time.

High Tide

Baltic Porter

ABV. 7.2

Our anniversary limited release brew has set sail and graduated to join our line of brand beers! 

Now renamed to “High Tide”,  this rich Baltic Porter is filled with flavors of caramelized sugar, cocoa powder, and dark cherries. Born in the eighteenth century, the Baltic Porter stems from sailors bartering English Porters during sea trade. Unlike their British cousins, the Baltic Porter relies on Lager yeast rather than Ale yeast to create a beer that is complex and bold.

Hilands Helles

ABV. 5.2

What a century it has been, and what better way to raise a glass to 100 years of this amazing community than a collaboration with our favorite local beer makers? Cheers to friendship, community, and birdies! Chirp chirp.

Mexican Lager

ABV. 4.0

Hint of lime, crisp, light, slightly sweet adventure thirst quencher.



ABV. 7.0

Aromas of white wine, citrus, and elderflower, zesty citrus and gooseberry lead to an approachable dry finish.


ABV. 7.0

Tangerine, mandarin orange, and bosc pear on the nose Grapefruit and orange flavors Vista Fresh Hop from Crooked Yard Hops in Bozeman


ABV. 8.8

A Double IPA boasting a robust, captivating hop bouquet rich in Citrus, Tropical Fruit and Berry (blueberry, raspberry, and gooseberry) notes. The flavor profile takes center stage with prominent ruby red grapefruit tones accompanied by hints of pine and lychee. The magic of phantasm’s Savignon Blanc touch creates an invigorating, thirst-quenching dryness that beckons another sip.

Agua Fresca Pineapple

ABV. 3.8

Pineapple aroma and flavor, sweet, tart, sociable patio pounder.

"We can"

Having an on-site canning, bottling, and packaging operation helps us deliver on our commitment to quality and our desire to push the envelope. We get to see our products from start to finish while also having the capacity to turn over new, limited edition varieties every couple of weeks. Beer packaged on site is available for purchase in our taproom during normal business hours, with plans to eventually distribute across Montana and beyond.


Join us in the experiment.