Cellar Series

Perfectly aged and carefully curated, our barrel-aged beers boast enhanced flavor and nuanced complexity. Finished in foeders, wine, and spirit barrels like a rite of passage, these barrel-aged nectars are an artform that blends tradition and innovation.

What the Foeder?

We’re glad you asked. Foeders (pronounced FOOD-er) are an experimental brewer’s dream. Historically used to age wine, these large wooden barrels have recently hopped over to the wonderful world of beer-making. Each foeder batch takes about 12-18 months and requires patience, love, and a sensitive palette. Many large brewers have adopted this method to create rich, tart sours. We have our sights set on other fruit-infused concoctions, but you’ll have to stop by for a tasting to find out why. Plus, we might be the only brew lab in Montana with a viewing room just for our foeders.

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