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Perfectly aged and carefully curated, our barrel-aged beers boast enhanced flavor and nuanced complexity. Finished in foeders, wine, and spirit barrels like a rite of passage, these barrel-aged nectars are an artform that blends tradition and innovation.

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Dark Matter

Imperial Stout

ABV | 11%

Aged for 18 months in Wyoming Whiskey barrels, Dark Matter is rich and smooth, accented with notes of whiskey, vanilla, and chocolate for deep, immersive flavor.

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Baltic Porter

Barrel Aged 13 months

ABV | 13%

This bold porter has hints of toasted vanilla with a wooded, earthy quality gained from aging in rum barrels for 13 months. The opulent, deep caramel hue adds to its richness, inviting you to savor every sip.

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Radiant Luxe

Foeder + Barrel Aged Wit

ABV | 11%

Radiant Luxe is an Imperial variant of our refreshing Grand Cru. Aged in Foeders, Peach Brandy, Orange Liqueur, and VSOP Cognac Barrels; this brew is packed full of refined flavors that carefully evolve over time.

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Grand olde ale

barrel aged 17 months

ABV | 13.9%

Velvety and robust, our Grand Olde Ale, aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 17 months, boasts the sumptuous notes of Demerara sugar and bold espresso, intertwined with delightful hints of chocolate and toasted vanilla wafer. A rich, warm embrace of the strong ale tradition.

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Barrel Aged 32 Months

ABV | 14%

With layers of wooded character, this Barrel Aged Barleywine spent its first several months in a foeder picking up hints of oak, rosemary and cedar. It was then aged in bourbon barrels, where it gained spirited sophistication. Woody and herbaceous, this is one ale that warms up even the coldest heart.

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red blend lager

ABV | 5%

With 14 months of aging in bourbon and wine barrels, this blend of franconian rotbier and marzen delivers a warm, Amber glow. Subtle spice notes and an apple pie finish make it a perfect medium-bodied lager to get you in a celebratory mood.

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barrel aged 12 months

ABV | 7.1%

Aged for 18 months in Wyoming Whiskey barrels, Dark Matter is rich and smooth, accented with notes of whiskey, vanilla, and chocolate for deep, immersive flavor.

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foeder five

Aged Fruited Sour

ABV | 6%

Aged 3 Years in Foeder Five, This Brew is Bright And Sour With Notes Of Stone Fruits And Strawberry.

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foeder four

Plum Fruit

ABV | 4.4%

Spontaneously fermented in the spring of 2019 and aged for three years in Foeder Four, this brew was then barrel-rested for 6 months in red wine barrels with fresh plum fruit. It’s rich in stone candy fruit yet light on the palate, finishing with notes of caramelized honey, pie crust and green fig.

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foeder two

Tempranillo WHITE WINE


Aged 3 Years. Coming August ’24.

What the Foeder?

We’re glad you asked. Foeders (pronounced FOOD-er) are an experimental brewer’s dream. Historically used to age wine, these large wooden barrels have recently hopped over to the wonderful world of beer-making. Each foeder batch takes about 12-18 months and requires patience, love, and a sensitive palette. Many large brewers have adopted this method to create rich, tart sours. We have our sights set on other fruit-infused concoctions, but you’ll have to stop by for a tasting to find out why. Plus, we might be the only brew lab in Montana with a viewing room just for our foeders.

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